Gucci Mane – Rich Ass Junkie


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Gucci Mane – Rich Ass Junkie

Gucci Mane – Rich Ass Junkie MP3 DOWNLOAD

Gucci Mane’s El Gato the Human Glacier album sprung a leak yesterday, hitting streaming services earlier than expected (as well as the general internets). It serves as his third and final (we would think, but you never know with the prolific GuWop) album of 2017. Is it a valiant way to close out the year? Early thoughts.

One of the standout records is actually the album opener, “Rich Ass Junkie,” which finds Gucci brush off his story-telling skills to an extent, as he details some of the rich ass junkies (including his cousin) he’s had the pleasure of serving in the past. The production is tingly, with an organ keys sprinkled in the background.

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